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The Founder Files

The Opportunity in the Carbon Market and Building Great Governance – Sarah Scott, The Kilimanjaro Project

In this episode, we dive into the world of sustainable initiatives and carbon markets with Sarah Scott, the Founder of the Kilimanjaro Project.  Discover the immense potential and opportunities in the carbon market as we explore how individuals and organizations can make a significant impact on the environment.  Sarah shares her insights on the importance of building great governance, emphasizing the vital elements of strategic direction, leadership, communication, and reputation and legitimacy.  Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on driving sustainability and establishing effective governance practices for a brighter future.

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The Founder Files

Be a Startup Ecosystem Player – Renier Kriel, The Open Letter

Being a Startup Ecosystem Player means more than just building your business. Renier Kriel, Founder of The Open Letter knows it.  In this episode, he came to share his experience in actively engaging with The South African startup community and how he’s been contributing to its growth and success.  You’ll also get his practical insights and strategies on: – understanding the needs of your market – delivering content that builds trust and keeps your audience engaged – establishing your expertise as a valuable resource for other entrepreneurs Tune in now to learn how you can effectively grow your audience, build trust,

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The Founder Files

How Wamly Got to 5 Years of Cash Runway in Less than 3 Years – Francois de Wet, Wamly

Most of us know the formula “Strategy + Structure + People = Successful Business”.  But how many founders lead their teams to have 5 years of cash runway in less than 3 years of activity? I’ve met one: Francois de Wet, Co-Founder of Wamly.  In this episode, we’ll cover the topics of Organisational Psychology and Entrepreneurship so that you get to… … Discover the power of structured interviews … Understand the importance of setting a clear vision … Receive practical advice on how to generate more revenue faster Tune in now!

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