The chaos ends   here.​

As a founder, you are always knee-deep in running your business, chasing new opportunities, or managing unexpected pivots. When you finally find the time to envision your future and get some sense of clarity, you feel like you need to read a thousand books, attend generic webinars or find a silver bullet through conversations in CEO forums.

The chaos in scaling up your business ends here.

We are a team of focused experts who want scaling entrepreneurs like you to succeed. Our purpose is to give you the knowledge, tools and capabilities that you need to enable your  business to thrive while gradually easing the dependence on you as the founder.

With Metavolve, founders can finally free up more time to work on their business and not in it.

Our Core Values

We are experts in business strategy and people. That takes knowledge, wisdom, and lots of hard work. But it also takes commitment to core values. For us, there are four that provide the foundation, fuel, and accountability our work needs.


It takes courage to get into the arena of entrepreneurship, and to trust other people to help grow what you’re building. We respect and believe in entrepreneurs who show up every day with the courage to be authentic, ambitious and to do what’s right.


When you work with people who care about your business, they step outside their comfort zone to offer you their insights. We hold you accountable for your success by always telling you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. 


Growing is uncomfortable by nature. Our approach acknowledges the human being behind the professional to create a safe place for every collaborator to feel seen rather than exposed.


The world is dynamic and always changing, and so is your context. We are committed to having a good understanding of every situation before offering a solution, and to measure our impulses by looking for evidence to support our intuition.

Our Team

Brett Matheson

Director of Strategy & Innovation

Cameron Coutts

Director of People & Culture

Nic Frangos

Strategic Advisory

Delphine Fumar

Content Manager

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