The Metavolve Mission

Take the chaos out of scaling a business

Our Mission

Scaling a business is tough.

You've probably heard the stats—90% of startups don't make it. That's where we come in, with a different story to tell.

Instead of sticking to the old playbook, we’re all about fresh ideas and practical strategies backed by experience and science. No bureaucracy, no textbook rules. We embrace change, wiping away what’s not working, and helping you build the strategy that actually works for you.

At the heart of our mission is a simple yet powerful driver: to enhance the success rate of scaleup and pivot strategies. We achieve this by equipping you and your leadership team with world-class knowledge, facilitating essential discussions, and offering insightful consultation on business strategy that’s tailor-made for execution within your specific context.

We don’t pour money into things that don’t matter. Our goal is to help you grow in the smartest way possible. At Metavolve, we’re not just another consultancy. We’re in it with you, until you reach that elusive 10%.

Our holistic methodology

We’ve developed a unique methodology

We’ve partnered with Nic Frangos to offer you the most effective strategy advice you can get in the market.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by founders, Nic has spent the past two decades developing the groundbreaking methodology behind our holistic approach to scaling entrepreneurial businesses.

He has documented the proven strategies, innovative frameworks, and transformative insights he’s experienced throughout his 50-year-long career as a founder, CEO and chairman. His thorough work empowers us today to deliver comprehensive solutions to elevate you within and beyond your scaling business.

They trusted us

Our Team

Brett Matheson

Director of Strategy & Innovation

Cameron Coutts

Director of People & Culture

Delphine Fumar

Content Manager

Nic Frangos

Strategic Advisory