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3 leadership lessons for you and me

“You cannot know the good within yourself if you cannot see it in others.” – Zulu Proverb

We all know that the best leaders are incredibly authentic, powerful and confident people. One of the reasons for this is that they are strongly aware of their own unique strengths and talents.

The best leaders can also bring out the true talent and strength that lies dormant within the hearts and minds of others.

It is no coincidence that the awareness of others coexists with the awareness of ourselves. Noticing and appreciating the passion in someone else (e.g. an artist) ignites the passion and inspiration within ourselves (e.g. an engineer).

It takes empathy to notice and appreciate the empath in someone else. We need integrity to be impressed by the integrity of another person. Only a skilled chess player can appreciate the tact and skill of a chess grandmaster. We can only notice something that we are already aware of.????

The 3 Leadership Lessons

Paying Attention

Pay attention to the greatness you see in others because this is usually a reflection of your greatness.


Compliment someone when you notice their greatness. People appreciate sincere compliments and compliments are usually more sincere when someone knows what they’re talking about.


Encourage others to practice the greatness that you notice. It’s a great leadership practice and we all know we could do with more encouragement.