How Hooray Power decreased its operational dependence on its founder with Metavolve

Hooray Power Adriaan Erasmas

Ever felt like you’re juggling too many balls at once? Adriaan, the founder of Hooray Power sure did.

Despite having ambition, drive, and a killer product to disrupt the South African energy sector, the weight of their operations often rested heavily on his shoulders. Overwhelmed by the micro-details and with no clear processes in place, the cracks began to show. Their growth trajectory was at stake, and they knew they needed to evolve. 

Seeking expert guidance to streamline their operations, Hooray Power turned to Metavolve, with a vision to create a robust foundation that would support their future ambitions. The aim? To build systems, processes, and a structure that would fuel their journey ahead.


Enabling a cohesive team around a shared, central vision and purpose

With growth comes growing pains. A recurring issue was Hooray Power’s deep dependence on Adriaan as the founder. While his vision and drive had been foundational to their initial success, it had inadvertently created a bottleneck. Every decision, be it significant or minute, required his sign-off. This reliance slowed their momentum, making scalability seem out of reach.

But it wasn’t just about Adriaan. The business hadn’t laid down the groundwork needed for hypergrowth, especially in its industry where no project is ever the same. The absence of set processes meant that each team functioned in silos, often leading to inefficiencies and miscommunications. Without clear structure and processes, Hooray Power was like a car with a powerful engine but misaligned wheels.

Initially, I was sceptical about the project, questioning what I could possibly learn. But I quickly realised I didn't know what I didn't know. If anything, I wish we'd started this six months earlier.
Adriaan Erasmus
CEO & Founder, Hooray Power


Channeling Potential into Structured Growth

At Hooray Power, the raw energy was palpable, but it needed direction, it needed structure, and above all, it needed predictability. Our approach was tailored to transform this potent energy into tangible momentum. Here’s how we journeyed with Hooray Power:

1. Standardising Sales and Operational Processes

The first step was to create uniformity where there was inconsistency. 

We started by analysing their entire sales cycle, from lead generation through design to signed contract. Our focus was on identifying gaps and redundancies. 

With our expertise in business process optimisation, we streamlined their sales processes, ensuring every lead would be nurtured and every opportunity maximised. 

Similarly, in operations, we developed new ways of working so that the different teams (engineering, procurement and project management) could work effectively together while staying on the same page. This ensured that every project, regardless of its scope or complexity, followed a consistent and efficient process.

2. Restructuring the Business, from Operations to Management

Understanding the core challenge Adriaan faced with micro-management and decision-making, we initiated a bottom-up approach to restructuring.

To do so, we meticulously designed each layer of the business to ensure alignment with the core objectives and values. This wasn’t just about putting people in positions; it was about sculpting roles that made sense, that brought out the best in each individual, and that collectively drove Hooray Power forward.

With the operational structure established, our focus then shifted to empowering Adriaan with managerial support. By creating a structure that allowed for autonomy and accountability, we enabled him to hand over some of the decision-making effectively.

3. Developing Human Capital

Our next step was to empower Hooray Power with the right tools and systems.

After a thorough analysis of their unique needs, we recommended a CRM that would offer a detailed view of customer interactions, sales pipelines, and performance metrics. The objective here was to enable data-driven decisions across the business.

To complement the CRM, we also recommended a suite of project management tools that could foster collaboration, streamline workflows, and ensure that every project, as unique as it was, was meticulously tracked from inception to completion. 

But we didn’t stop there. Seeing the need for standardised practices, we also crafted project charters. From recruitment to project completion, they outlined objectives, roles, responsibilities, and timelines, ensuring that everyone was on the same page at all times, and every project was set up for success from the get-go.


Transitioning from Founder-Dependence to Autonomous Operations

1. Enhanced Decision-Making Mechanism

With the decentralisation from Adriaan, leaders and managers gained clarity on their roles and responsibilities. This empowered them to make critical decisions independently, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring smoother day-to-day operations.

2. Streamlined Processes

Metavolve’s effort in standardising sales and operational processes bore fruit as Hooray Power beat their record of signed deals by 67% in month. The streamlined approach meant faster service, better client relations, and an overall improved customer experience.

3. Strengthened Structural Foundation

The new structure and systems Metavolve laid out for Hooray Power ensured that as the business scales, they won’t have to keep building the plane while they’re flying it. This meant more time for innovation, exploring new opportunities, and driving sales.

Moreover, by restructuring the business, the leaders and managers started to feel empowered to drive Hooray Power forward and develop their most valuable asset– people.

5. Freed-up Founder

As a cumulative effect of the above outcomes, Hooray Power observed a significant rise in their operational efficiency. The dependence on Adriaan was greatly reduced, making way for a more collaborative and effective team environment.

The biggest lesson was learning to let go and trust my team. Now I'm less involved in the micro-details, and more focused on scaling the business. Moving forward, it's all about accountability. I'm getting my team to shift from a "just ask Adriaan" approach to a more self-sufficient way of working.
Adriaan Erasmus
CEO & Founder, Hooray Power


When Hooray Power first approached us, the narrative was clear: an ambitious company facing the bottleneck of founder dependence. 

Their journey with Metavolve illustrates the power of strategic organisational design. By building robust processes, professionalising operations, and having roles fit for purpose, the company was able to accelerate its growth and gain stability and predictability.

If you, too, are struggling to keep up with demands, feeling the weight of scaling and seeking a way to build a more autonomous and growth-ready team, perhaps it’s time to explore how Metavolve’s Organisational Design services can guide you towards your next big leap. Contact our team today!

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