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Hire Key People

Scientifically validate that you’re making the right hire.

As your business grows, your offering evolves and your team starts to get stretched thin. So you are considering recruiting for senior roles, and are hoping to hire them fast and cheap while preserving your positive cashflow. 

But here’s the catch: a bad hire can jeopardize the balance you’ve created to grow your business. It can force you to constantly give direction to their lack of initiative or even worse – micromanage them. 

How do you select and hire the key people you need so you don’t have to redo the exercise of onboarding, training and upskilling for the same role in the near future? 

It is critical to know who embodies the ideal candidate and confidently assess for person-role fit in the recruitment process. 

Read on to learn scientific methods to make the right hiring decisions to keep your momentum going.

Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business.

- Kevin J. Donaldson

We help you

hire the right candidates for your business’s future.

Together, we’ll create a detailed and specific profile suited for the role, the team and the company’s objectives. Our expertise in predicting performance combined with our suite of selection assessments enables you to anticipate what could go wrong, but more importantly what could go right.

Key Hire Recruitment Toolkit

During a 1-hour session with an Industrial Psychologist, you’ll picture who the ideal person for the role is, and build your own toolkit to find them.

Key Hire Selection Assessments

With psychometric assessments, reveal your target candidate’s personality traits and strategic skills to know if they are the right person for the role.

Outsourced Head Of People & Culture

Get an expert to streamline your recruitment, onboarding and people development processes without committing to a permanent hire.

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