Free up  your time

As the founder of your business, what’s going on in your head can be your most powerful strategic asset.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ll see opportunities worth chasing all over the place. Truth is, by pursuing them without sharing your vision and plan you create chaos for your team to address. In the end, you just spend more time putting out fires than working on your business. 

How can you take back control of your business’s future and free up your time to focus on the next set of problems? 

The answer lies in your ability to share what’s in your head with your team.

With Metavolve, you’ll learn how to clarify your growth roadmap, ensure that you have the right people in the right seats, and improve your team’s ability to execute on your strategy.

We help you

clarify your strategy by using tested methods.


We understand the context of your business. We collaborate through a 1-hour strategic audit to clarify your strategic strengths, weaknesses and gaps.


We frame the opportunity to enhance strengths, address weaknesses and close the gaps through a co-created roadmap of improvements.


We clarify expectations and commit to improving the business through clarifying strategic thinking, improving people’s performance and hiring key people.

Check out our capabilities below before you book a free consultation with our expert team!

Facilitate Strategic Thinking

Strategy Audit

In one hour, you’ll understand your strategic strengths and development areas

Problem-focused session

With a 90-minute session, you’ll get expert insights to make breakthroughs in your Strategic Thinking

Bulletproof strategy programme

Through on-demand access to experts, you’ll develop a custom roadmap to nail your Strategy Development

Improve People’s Performance

Enneagram For Individuals

With an online assessment followed by a 90-minute feedback session you’ll understand what truly motivates you.

Enneagram For Teams

From the assessment and a collective feedback session, you’ll learn what drives people’s performance within the context of your team.

Career Development For High Potentials

Psychometric assessments and career conversations for you to create the environment that unleashes the best out of your future leaders.

Hire Key People

Key Hire Recruitment Toolkit

During a 1-hour session with an Industrial Psychologist, you’ll picture who the ideal person for the role is, and build your own toolkit to find them.

Key Hire Selection Assessments

With psychometric assessments, reveal your target candidate’s personality traits and strategic skills to know if they are the right person for the role.

Outsourced Head Of People & Culture

Get an expert to streamline your recruitment, onboarding and people development processes without committing to a permanent hire.