Beyond the Spotlight

23 October 2023

5:30 - 8:30 pm

Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel, Muizenberg

Your exclusive access to the untold story of RAPT Creative Agency’s success.


23 October 2023
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Casa Labia by Ideas Cartel, Muizenberg

Your exclusive access to the untold story of RAPT Creative Agency's success.

More than a networking event

A safe space to have deep conversations about entrepreneurship

Metavolve has designed this intimate event for high-profile entrepreneurs to connect with each other around the hard-hitting realities of running and scaling a sustainable business.

It’s an invite-only opportunity for ambitious founders to get exclusive access to the untold stories and strategies behind successful businesses.

Denislav Marinov
Denislav MarinovFounder @AmnovaTech
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The profound wisdom shared by Mike Scott was a highlight of the event. I took notes throughout the conversation and am still trying to process all the nuggets of golden wisdom that were shared. Engaging with Mike and the other founders thereafter was empowering and evoked a feeling of community and understanding which you don't often find along the lonely founder journey.
Thando Hlongwane
Thando HlongwaneFounder @LipaPayment
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I didn’t expect it to be such a genuine interaction. Mikes honesty and willingness to share his insights was definitely what made all the difference! The content was valuable for practical founders like myself.
Graham Stephen
Graham StephenFounder
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Well organized, down-to-earth, not pretentious, great content. Great vibe, real event, good mix of people.
Renier Kriel
Renier KrielFounder @TheOpenLetter
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Rich Mulholland was next level, food was great and good chats.
Donna Allin
Donna AllinManaging Director @AfricanJacquard
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The calibre of guests there were great, I felt surrounded by likeminded people. The guest speaker, Rich, was hilarious and disruptive.
Richard Berg
Richard BergPresentation Strategist @MissingLink
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Well curated and executed. Brilliant that it's real and not just a start up bro vibe.


An unscripted and unfiltered conversation

With Garreth van Vuuren,
Founder of RAPT Creative Agency

Garreth van Vuuren
Founder of RAPT Creative Agency

When Garreth started RAPT Creative Agency, it wasn’t for the passion of experiential marketing or advertising. It just happened. What was more intentional was his scaling journey.

In four years, his team grew to a hundred people and together they’ve become one of the most integrated marketing agencies in South Africa.

Now, let’s get real here. Garreth didn’t have all the answers when he started. He didn’t magically know how to navigate the ups and downs of scaling a business. In fact, he found himself in the same boat as many of us, searching for guidance and support.

He even turned to the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), hoping to get the practical wisdom he needed. But he didn’t find what he was looking for. It happens.

See, Garreth’s story isn’t just about business acumen. It’s about resilience, about finding your own rhythm in the chaos of entrepreneurship. He’ll show you what it took him to turn RAPT into a powerhouse, all while keeping his sanity intact.

To get you started

Listen to Garreth's episode on The Founder Files


Learn in detail how Garreth and his team managed to grow a business that enables them to “do cool shit with cool people.”

But beware, joining us at this founder-only event means that you’ll enter a strictly confidential space. To keep the story authentic and create a safe space for all to openly discuss their challenges, our guest list is limited to 40 founders.

Like the previous editions, you can bring a +1 but under 2 conditions:
– They must be a founder of a business doing more than R10 million per year
– They must RSVP via the form below

Secure your spot now! And tell your guest to do so before the 18th of October.