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Beyond the
spotlight #2

your exclusive access to the untold stories of successful entrepreneurs

More than a networking event

a safe space to have deep conversations about entrepreneurship

Metavolve has designed this intimate event for high-profile entrepreneurs to connect with each other around the hard-hitting realities of running and scaling a sustainable business.

It’s a founder-only event to get exclusive access to the untold stories and strategies behind successful businesses.

Here’s what our guests said about the first edition of Beyond The Spotlight with Mike Scott:

The session was inspiring, motivational, emotional and makes you as a founder feel seen. I know a lot of founders would appreciate experiencing this sense of connectedness.
Denislav Marinov
Founder @AmnovaTech
Great venue, enjoyed the food! Great guest, brilliant questions from the host! The content was valuable for practical founders like myself
Thando Hlongwane
Co-Founder @LipaPayment
Well organized, down-to-earth, not pretentious, great content
Graham Stephen
Founder @Bizval.co
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So, who will be telling their story this time?

An unscripted interview with RICH MULHOLLaND by brett matheson

Rich Mulholland
Founder of Missing Link

Rich Mulholland has smashed so many milestones on his entrepreneurial journey, it’s hard to keep track!

He’s founded Missing Link, penned three killer books, rocked stages in over 40 countries, and even snagged a spot in Destiny’s Man top 40 under 40.

But here’s the thing: Rich never played the “build a business to sell it” game.

Nope, he purposely founded Missing Link to be profitable but totally unsellable. Why? Because he wanted to be the master of his own destiny, free to have a blast doing what he loves while earning some “f*ck you money”.

He even got to a point where his business could run with him coming into the office one hour a week. But if you’re as passionate as he is, it’s just hard to kick back and relax.

So, he decided to get deeper into the sales and operations of Missing Link. In short, he turned his job into a hobby because he could.

See, Rich gets what it’s like to have an entrepreneur’s identity crisis. That’s why he made the bold choice to fully embrace his punk personality and find fulfilment beyond being just “Rich from Missing Link.” 


Learn in detail how Rich and his team managed to grow a business that enables them to do what they love and be themselves.​

But beware, joining us at this founder-only event means that you'll enter a strictly confidential space. To keep the story authentic and create a safe space for all to openly discuss their challenges, our guest list is limited to 40 ambitious founders.

Like the previous edition, you can bring a +1 but under 2 conditions:
- They must be a founder of a business doing more than R10 million per year
- They must RSVP via the form below

Secure your spot now! And tell your guest to do so before the 7th of July.


Date: 12 July 2023
Time: 5:30 pm
Venue: Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry