16th May 2023 – 5:30 PM – The Old Foundry, Cape Town

Beyond the

your exclusive access to the untold story of nona digital's success

More than a networking event

a safe space to have deep conversations about entrepreneurship

Metavolve has designed this intimate event for high-profile entrepreneurs to connect with each other around the hard-hitting realities of running and scaling a sustainable business.

It’s an invite-only opportunity for ambitious founders to get exclusive access to the untold stories and strategies behind successful businesses.

So, who will be telling their story?

An unscripted interview with Mike Scott by brett matheson

Mike Scott
Co-Founder and CEO of Nona Digital (acquired by Yoco in 2022)

When Mike started Nona Digital with 4 others, he thought it would just be for some extra beer money.

He had no idea that it would become what it is today, ultimately leading to its acquisition by one of Africa’s major fintech success stories.

But building and scaling a business is not easy, and his story is no exception.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Mike faced numerous challenges, including major cash-flow crises, clients not paying fees, and at times, some pretty challenging workplace culture issues. He even put his life savings into the company, risking his own personal financial security along with his partners.

He could have just stopped the pain there. But he persisted.

It forced the business to figure out a positioning that would set them apart – a deep focus on Blockchain and Fintech Scale-Ups.

In the end, this move got rewarded by a very successful acquisition of Nona Digital by Yoco in 2022 where Mike is now employed for the first time in his life at 40 years old!

The profound wisdom shared by Mike Scott was a highlight of the event. I took notes throughout the conversation and am still trying to process all the nuggets of golden wisdom that were shared. Engaging with Mike and the other founders thereafter was empowering and evoked a feeling of community and understanding which you don't often find along the lonely founder journey.
Denislav Marinov
Founder @AmnovaTech
Well organized, down-to-earth, not pretentious, great content
Graham Stephen
Founder @Bizval.co
I didn’t expect it to be such a genuine interaction. Mikes honesty and willingness to share his insights was definitely what made all the difference! The content was valuable for practical founders like myself.
Thando Hlongwane
Co-Founder @LipaPayment